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Categories Of Surveying

civil surveyor

Surveying is crucial for planning and designing the project. It proffers the description of every minor detail. It refers to as a report of the respective patch of the earth, and other water bodies. The surveying is the foundation of the minor to the major projects. Here, we will discuss some categories of surveying:

Hydro-graphic surveying:

As its name refers, Hydro means “water” and graphic means “lettering”. All the details related to the water bodies are associated with the hydro-graphic surveying. This branch of science is related to helm the Earth’s surface with the coastal areas. The hydro-graphic surveying is done by the multi-beam echo sounder. The main concern of hydro-graphic surveying is to examine marine obstruction by mapping the water depth and make transportation safer, and secure. The multi-beam echo sounder is connected with the movement of the ship. The echo passes the water depth, and when bouncing back, in return, record the depth, and water body obstruction.

Boundary Survey:

The boundary survey is concerned to limit the parcel in the respective zone. The boundary survey is crucial to explore the circumferences of the property before selling, buying, or improving the patch. The licensed professionals proffer the services in this regard. It is a legal description of the land that a client keenly understands the circumstances before buying his property. The boundary survey preserves the man from legal disputes and proffers the authentic agreement between two parties. The boundary survey also minimizes the risk of the transaction of the property.

Civil Surveyor:

The civil surveyors work on the topography of the earth. The task assigned to the civil surveyors is mainly concerned with mega projects. It includes building, roads, farms, railway stations, and many more. The workers are associated with the planning and designing of the project. It proffers the infra-structure to the model of the project. The civil surveyors lead the foundation in the respective zone of construction. Safety and security are the key factors on which the building lies. If there is a fault in the foundation, it not only give the loss to the economy but also affects the residential life that is more crucial than any factor.



Land division:

land division  has a vast meaning. The land division has many sub-divisions in accordance to the overall patch of the earth, commercial building, allowing the respective parcel to the clients, and, many more. While the professionals work on the land division, the further points should remain in consideration:

  • The allowing area must have a legal description.
  • The parcel width and size must minimize in the zoning ordinance.
  • The land division must face public transport.

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