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What Benefits Can Property Consent Orders Offer?

property consent Sydney

The most common way of acquiring property consent in Sydney orders is much of the time made more straightforward thusly. The fact that neither you nor your ex-partner need to appear in court to get the orders is one advantage.

  • If your ex-partner breaks the rules, you can ask the court to intervene.
  • Family regulation offers courts unique power to address infringement, for example, by giving extra requests that incorporate installment of your legitimate charges.
  • Having the right to exemptions, such as a stamp duty exemption, and having faith that your orders will be followed

Who may submit a Sydney property consent order application?

You have 24 months from the date of your divorce to submit the application if:

  • You were a former de facto couple
  • You are a married couple who are estranged from one another
  • You are an estranged couple

The date of your separation must be known to you. If you think you might not have enough time to apply for property consent in Sydney, please get in touch with us right away. In some cases, a court may grant an extension of time. Assuming you or your ex-accomplice lived abroad or in Western Australia anytime during or after your association, there may be extra circumstances that should be met before your property settlement can continue.

For a property settlement agreement, how do I obtain consent orders?

We’ll talk about whether you ought to submit a consent order application while you’re drafting your property settlement agreement. Your particular situation will be taken into account when we provide you with legal advice, always keeping your best interests in mind. Should you choose property consent Sydney, we will prepare the application and submit it on your behalf. We’ll make sure everything is in order if your ex-partner submits the application.

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