What Is And When To Utilize

Acrylic face mounting

Acrylic face mounting photographs to acrylic, likewise, called second surface mounting, is a predominant technique for guaranteeing life span and for giving an expert completed shift focus over to acrylic paints. Even though it is a fragile cycle and demands investment and a lot of expert experience, we feel it gives the eventual outcome a very three-layered, gallery-quality outcome that is hard to outperform. The glass additionally safeguards the photograph from blurring, residue, and scratches.

With face mounting, we apply a unique silicone stick recorded completely clear film cement to the print and afterwards mount the front of the acrylic photograph to it. The connection between the UV-safe glass and the photograph is hermetically sealed. Due to the impenetrable bond, there is no light reflection between the glass and the photograph. It adds profundity and makes the photograph appear as though it is essential for the acrylic. When matched with our Metallic or Fuji Flex photograph paper, acrylic face mounting photographs to acrylic makes a look that needs to be believed to be accepted. This guarantees that distinctive varieties accomplished by the acrylic printing process are not compromised.

When to Use Acrylic Face Mounting

Some of the time, printing and hanging a photograph as our forebears would have done it is not sufficient. Assuming you are wanting to feature as well as sell your photography expertly, safeguarding your print with an acrylic face mount is basic.

Acrylic face mounting is a course of applying a reasonable glue to the essence of a print, and afterwards attaching the print to acrylic mounting. Acrylic face mounting can be a helpful expansion assuming that any of the accompanying situations match the vision for your photo print.

Sharp and Chic

On the off chance that you are going for an advanced look, putting resources into acrylic face mounting for your photo print can enjoy stylish benefits. Given how the reasonable glue is mounted, it will in general make the piece appear as though it is drifting crazy, adding profundity to the picture. Particularly while outlining with or mounting on a white background, an acrylic face mount conveys an extremely perfect appearance.

Built to Last


Finishing your photograph print with an acrylic face mount can expand the sturdiness of the print. There are numerous manners by which a defensive layer can assist with settling your print, including:

  • Waterproofing your last print.
  • Giving UV security.
  • Causing the piece to break safe.

Ways Of showing an Acrylic Face Mount

Thank you to the solidness of an acrylic face-mounted print, there is an assortment of manners by which you can store, show, and travel with your prints when they have been facing mounted to acrylic.

  • Farmer’s markets: If you sell your work at a nearby rancher’s market, you can have confidence in the simple introduction and uninstall of prints in your corner.
  • Sunrooms: If you have a room that takes in a ton of sun, the acrylic layer of your photo print will assimilate the greater part of the harming UV beams.
  • Outside displays: Although not a regular sight, if you mean to leave your print outside, the acrylic layer will safeguard it from water, sun, and various kinds of climates.

Acrylic Face Mounting at Duggal

Even though acrylic face mounting can be more costly to create than a glass outline, assuming you intend to sell or go with your specialty, the solidness of acrylic face mounting is unmatched. The tasteful is attractive for better quality grandstands also.

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